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Felipe Pardo Otero

Storyteller / Filmmaker / VFX Compositor / Visual Designer / IT Engineer


I am a Multimedia content creator & IT engineer

I have valuable experience in filmmaking at almost any role, however I consider myself especially competent as Writer, SelfShooting Director and AV Editor. In the design area, I have gathered some experience with 3D and 2D software at advertising and branding works, also as front-end web developer with HTML5 technologies and Javascript. As engineer, I have solid programming skills with a focus on Object-Oriented Languages and modern Agile Methodologies.

  • Name:   Felipe Pardo Otero
  • Email:   [email protected]
  • Phone:   (+34) 605 078 156
  • Date of birth:   31st May 1983
  • Address:   PO Box 6945 - Unit 7833,  London, W1A 6US
  • Nationality:   Spanish

My Skills

These are the areas where I do my magic...

Design Tools

Advanced, 3 years


Advanced, less than 1 year

Film Editing & VFX

Expert, 7 years


Advanced, 10 years

HTML5 + CSS3, JavaScript

Advanced, less than 1 year


Expert, 11 years

Motion & 3D

Capable, 7 years

Creative Writing

True Calling, 17 years

* The years shown represent the time since my first works.

These are the software tools I use

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Apple Motion
  • Maxon Cinema4D
  • The Foundry Nuke X
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Sketch
  • WordPress
  • Sublime Text
  • Eclipse
  • CeltX
  • Microsoft Office / OpenOffice
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere CC
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Apple Motion
  • Maxon Cinema4D
  • The Foundry Nuke X
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Sketch
  • WordPress
  • Sublime Text
  • Eclipse IDE
  • CeltX
  • Microsoft Office

My Language Skills

Spanish (native)
Galician (native)
English (FCE + 1 year living in UK)
Portuguese (basic)


This is my main academic formation

You can see the websites of every school by clicking their names or check my obtained certificates by clicking the degree’s name.

Master’s Degree (600h):

Expertise in Web development with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, WordPress, Javascript, JQuery and AngularJS.

Additional expertise with the following software:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Maxon Cinema4D
Master’s Degree (550h):

Expertise with the following software:

  • Avid Media Composer 5
  • Adobe After Effects CS6
  • Final Cut Pro Suite
    (includes Final Cut Pro 7, Color, Motion, Compressor & DVD Studio Pro)
  • The Foundry Nuke X

Film Directing

2007 - 2010

Academic aproach to film analysis, history of cinema and mise-en-scène. General training for different roles in a fiction production. Expertise as Director, First Assistant Director, Assistant, Script Supervisor, Script Writer and Editor obtained in several exercises and short movies. Development of TV and theatrical projects. Development of skills for team management.

Computer Science

2001 - 2007

Knowledge of Computer Structures and Technology, Programming Methodology and Technology, Data and Information Structure, Operating Systems, Organisational Techniques and Business Management, Software Management Engineering, Statistics. Competence with different programming languages such as C, Java, Camel, SQL, Fortran, Pascal, etc.

Final Project: Application developed in Java for Automatic Text Summarisation (First Class with Distinction).


An overview to my work experience

My working experience is a bit difficult to evaluate. Firstly because of the wide range of roles I can perform and the temporary nature of most of the jobs that took me busy in the last years. In second place, because of the economic circumstances of my country and their impact on a sector (media) with very poor demand of highly specialised professionals.

I would like to show off big brands and companies in this page, but most of my relevant experience is in the freelance field when personal circunstances allowed me to work. Please, do not let this mislead you about my skills. Remember that the best way to apraisse someone is watching him in action!

Experience in the media field

Film & Video Productions


since 2008

Involved in over 40 video productions of different budgets (many of them short movies), with a profile gradually focused on postproduction.

I have worked as Director, First and Second Assistant Director, Runner, Writer, Script Supervisor, Cinematographer, Art Director, AV Editor and VFX Compositor, depending on circumstances. I have supported also free collaborations and side-projects as Writing Consultant, Video Editor and VFX Compositor.

But foremost, when no other projects on horizon, I write things.

35mm Fiction Movie (13')

"Interés Variable"


This was my first work shooted in 35mm as Director (I have other short movies in DV). I am not very proud of the final result, but it was exhibited in over 30 International Film Festivals around the world (not so bad!).

Considering the high budget, the size of the team, the huge production problems and my overall responsibility trying to keep things going on, I guess it is in some way a milestone in my career. If I survived that I can survive the hell on earth.

Experience in the design field

Pueblo Trigo

Brand Designer


My first work as brand designer and web developer.

The existant brand, formed by the union of 10 bakeries, was rethinked and updated to show a more elegant image with a premium appearance in the packaging and advertasing elements. The website was also updated, replacing early 2000's technology with a custom-made Wordpress.

A plan for progressive implementation was presented in order to avoid high initial costs and drastical changes in the shops. The project was accepted but it is still not in use.



Your feedback is welcome!

Do you have something cool in mind? Are you looking for another pair of capable hands or a new fellow in your team? Even if you are only interesed in a small talk about the shape of clouds, don’t hesitate to write me a line. You know: It’s for free!

Felipe Pardo Otero
PO Box 6945 - Unit 7833.
London, W1A 6US.
(+34) 605 07 81 56

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